5 Reasons Why Nail Biting is Bad for You

5 Reasons Why Nail Biting is Bad for You

There are plenty of factors why we tend to do Onychophagia (a medical term for nail-biting). One of the most common factors is due to stress, which is then followed by anxiety and the like. But looking at the other side of things, your nail-biting habit should be stopped as soon as you can. But why?

Why Nail Biting is Bad For You

Healthier Nails

The best thing to do to check if a person is a nail-biter is by looking at their nails itself. With just a simple glance, you will already know if one is a real nail-biter or not. Most of the time, nail bitters have ugly looking nails that look straight out of a monster from a horror movie. But as long as you quit your nail-biting habits, your nails will look fresh and new. If you’re a girl, you can also spruce it up with a little bit of manicure.

Healthier Teeth

Aside from healthy-looking nails, you will get healthy-looking teeth as well. Remember, nails are hard to bite off which may damage your teeth if not prevented. The longer your nail-biting habit gets, the more your it’ll damage your teeth enamel, which can lead to pain and discomfort in the long run. You’ll be having a hard time smiling in front of people, I guarantee it.


Don’t you just hate hangnails? That little torn piece of skin that resides on the side of your nails, yes, we all hate them. But the moment you stop biting your nails, all these hangnails will be out of your sight. This happens because whenever you bite your nails, it’ll make your fingertips to dry out, which will result to hangnails. If not prevented, it can be infected by myriads of viruses due to your day-to-day activities. It’s best to wash your hands thoroughly or use a hand sanitizer each and every after contact with dirty surfaces.


Most of the time, we always get sick during the colder seasons. But in some cases, nail biters are also more likely to get sick as well in just a blink of an eye. Why? That’s because dirty nails are prone to bacteria that you may touch in different kinds of surfaces. These bacteria can travel into your respiratory tract via your damaged nails.

And it doesn’t end there; damage nails are also prone to various microorganisms that can make you sick or have stomach aches as well, or even worse, hepatitis.

Lower Risk of Getting Poisoned

This last tip is applicable to ladies that are fond of manicures or other types of nail art. If you’re into such, then you must know that nail-biting is not an option. Keep in mind that nail polish contains all sorts of chemicals that may be harmful to your body.

Once it finds its way into the body (because you have damaged nails due to nail-biting of course), it can lead to severe life-threatening poisoning. Even clear gel nail polish contains various ingredients that are also not safe for your body as well, not just the colored ones.

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