3 Reasons Crossing Your Legs is Bad For You

3 Reasons Crossing Your Legs is Bad For You

We all like to cross our legs whenever we sit either consciously or unconsciously. It is one of the sitting position that screams elegance, especially for females. However, it might have a negative impact on our health we might not know about. So why do we need to stop doing this thing? Here are three reasons why.

Reasons Crossing Your Legs is Bad For You

It Leads to High Blood Pressure

Whenever we cross our legs, the blood moves from the leg into the chest, which means that a large amount of blood is being pumped out of the heart, thus, resulting to sky-rocketing blood pressure levels. Blood pressure also increases when the isometric exercise of the leg muscles increases the resistance of blood flow. This usually happens when the joints have no movement along with the muscles.

You’re at Higher Risk of Getting Health Complications

Yes, we can’t deny that crossing one leg over the other is sexy to look at, especially for females. However, good things always come at a cost, and leg-crossing is not an exception. Doing this frequently can lead to peroneal nerve paralysis (palsy) because of maintaining a specific posture for longer periods. Aside from that, leg crossing can also cause circulatory disorders if not prevented as soon as possible. A study conducted by various researchers in 2010 showed that sitting in a leg-crossing position for hours increases blood pressure.

Other Health Risks

Aside from increased blood pressure and palsy, other health risk also includes pelvic imbalance that may lead to joint displacement since your putting yourself in a position where your inner thigh muscle is shorter compared to its outer thigh counterpart. You’re also prone to getting spider veins as well, which is a health complication where your varicose veins get inflamed. The moment you cross your legs, it hinders proper blood flow between the veins. This results in a weaker and narrower blood vessel that can cause swelling in the long run. A study shows that crossing your legs for at least three hours a day can develop stooped posture and discomfort on the hips and lower back.

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