Amazing Health Benefits Of Banana Flowers

Amazing Health Benefits Of Banana Flowers

The “banana flower” is a purple to dark red (magenta-like) blossom that grows from the end part of banana bunches.

The banana flower has been in use for hundreds of years by several different cultures to heal and soothe different health issues. It is also an ingredient used commonly in Ayurvedic cooking, thanks to its healing and therapeutic properties.

Here is a list of some of the health benefits associated with the banana flower:

Health Benefits of Banana Flowers

banana flower blossom

1. Anemia Treatment

The banana flower contains high levels of fiber and iron which assists with the production of red blood cells. For this reason, it is one of the alternatives and more natural treatments for diabetes and anemia, as it helps to lower blood sugar, along with stimulating hemoglobin production.

This is essential and extremely beneficial when it comes to good health due to hemoglobin transporting life-supporting oxygen from our lungs into the tissues, followed by returning carbon dioxide into the lungs.

2. High In Fiber

The banana flower contains a lot of fiber which assists with reducing cholesterol levels. Fiber is also known for its ability to assist in maintaining regularity. Since the banana flower contains high levels of soluble fiber, it is a natural digestive aides, which also helps your body to absorb nutrients.

3. Treatment For Infections

Banana flower is also said to assist with the treatment and healing of infections. According to a study in the Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, ethanol-based extracts that contain banana flower assisted with inhibiting bacterial growth. Another study that was published in the Parasitology Research indicated that the ethyl-acetate extracts derived from banana flowers might prevent malaria parasites.

4. Rich In Anti-Oxidants

Banana flowers contain antioxidants that help to lower free radicals that develop due to different metabolic activities in the human body. The free radicals need to be neutralized in order to prevent them from reacting with DNA and protein in the human cells, which distort and change their properties. This is what results in a number of health conditions that include cancer, heart disease, diabetes, along with many more.

Anti-oxidants are also extremely powerful anti-aging agents. An article that was published in Food Science and Biology has suggested that extracts from the banana flowers is an important health supplement, which is due directly to its antioxidant capabilities.

5. A Natural Anti-Depressant

The banana flower is rich in magnesium, which means it useful for those who suffer from conditions such as anxiety and depression without having to worry about adverse side-effects. Magnesium is an important mineral that assists in improving moods and reducing anxiety.

When considering the fact that antidepressants are among the top medications that are prescribed nowadays, the longer-term effects on humans is really not great. It is a far better approach to seek natural remedies and foods when it comes to easing anxiety, depression, tension, and stress.

6. Minerals And Vitamins

In addition to Vitamins C, E, and A, the banana flowers also contain potassium and magnesium. Potassium is very important when it comes to achieving good health as it assists with regulating heart rate and blood pressure. Potassium also assists with counteracting negative effects associated with the excessive consumption of sodium.

Final Thoughts

This is clearly one of those superfoods that more people should know about. If you are unable to find banana flower supplements or extracts in a health store near you, you can conduct a Google search online to find one of the many online stores. Adding banana flowers into your diet or taking a daily supplement can assist you when it comes to reaping a number of different health benefits.

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