Learning Acupressure the Easy Way

Acupressure is an alternative medical therapy that helps ease pain all over the body. It’s a bit similar to acupuncture minus the needles. This is done by applying pressure to specific acupressure points along your body’s meridians to clear blockages to get that ultimate relaxation and relief. So it’s just like massage, but in a different way.

People suffering from neck stiffness, back pain, or muscle spasm is the one who’ll benefit the most with acupressure. However, take this with a pinch of salt because this massage technique is only based on anecdotal evidence. But if you still want to learn how to do acupressure, then continue reading down below.

Debunking the Theory Behind Acupressure & Neck Pain

There’s no denying that there is a fine line between acupressure and acupuncture since both sounds similar and the technique is somewhat identical, only the former doesn’t use any needles. Acupuncture, however, is vastly used for neck pain and has been clinically proven to be effective. But when we talk about acupressure, a lot of people are questioning if it is effective after all. Some might say that it’s just another massage style since you’ll be using your hands throughout the said activity.

Tips to Relieve Neck Pain with Acupressure

Below are a few tips you can follow to relieve neck pain by using the acupressure method:

  • If you’re suffering from neck pain, take a deep breath, relax, and find a comfortable place where you can perform acupressure.
  • Locate the area where neck pain is more prominent. Move your fingers in a circular or up and down manner for about four minutes in that specific spot. If the pain increases the longer and deeper you press, then stop and rest for a few minutes.
  • If you feel relief while doing the activity instead of pain, then repeat the process until you feel relaxed.

Acupressure Pressure Points

  • GB21 (Jian Jing) – This is located between your neck and shoulder bone. The GB21 pressure point is commonly used to relieve headache, muscle stiffness, and muscle tension.
  • LI4 (He Gu) – This one is located between the web of your thumb and index fingers. This spot is commonly used by reflexologist to ease body ache, including neck pain. However, this spot must be avoided for women during their pregnancy stage.
  • GB20 (Feng Chi) – The Feng Chi pressure point is located down your ear bone exactly where your lower neck meets the base of your skull. This point is used to treat fatigue, headache, and neck pain.
  • TE3 (Zhong Zhu) – This pressure point is located in the knuckles around the fourth and fifth fingers in between. Massaging this spot improves blood circulation and promotes tension discharge. It will also help ease neck pain when massaging this spot as well.
  • Heaven’s Pillar – Last but not least, heaven’s pillar pressure point is located on both sides of the spine (hence the pillar moniker). It’s located two centimeters below the base of the skull and is known to ease digestion and ward off digestion problems when massaging this spot. It also relieves swollen lymph nodes that are usually the cause of sore neck.


  • If you feel that acupressure is not for you, there are plenty of other alternative remedies for neck pain including warm compress, stretch exercises, and over the counter medication. In some cases, neck pains will vanish for a day or two if you just rest and avoid doing any kinds of extreme activities. If the neck pain persists, this may be a sign of unhealthy sleeping patterns and a stressful lifestyle. You may want to contact your doctor immediately if this happens to avoid further complications.

Five Reasons Why You Should Stop Biting Your Nails

There are plenty of factors why we tend to do Onychophagia (a medical term for nail-biting). One of the most common factors is due to stress, which is then followed by anxiety and the like. But looking at the other side of things, your nail-biting habit should be stopped as soon as you can. But why? Here are five reasons why:

  1. No Nail-Biting = Healthier Nails
  2. The best thing to do to check if a person is a nail-biter is by looking at their nails itself. With just a simple glance, you will already know if one is a real nail-biter or not. Most of the time, nail bitters have ugly looking nails that look straight out of a monster from a horror movie. But as long as you quit your nail-biting habits, your nails will look fresh and new. If you’re a girl, you can also spruce it up with a little bit of manicure.

  3. Healthier Teeth
  4. Aside from healthy-looking nails, you will get healthy-looking teeth as well. Remember, nails are hard to bite off which may damage your teeth if not prevented. The longer your nail-biting habit gets, the more your it’ll damage your teeth enamel, which can lead to pain and discomfort in the long run. You’ll be having a hard time smiling in front of people, I guarantee it.

  5. Hangnails No More
  6. Don’t you just hate hangnails? That little torn piece of skin that resides on the side of your nails, yes, we all hate them. But the moment you stop biting your nails, all these hangnails will be out of your sight. This happens because whenever you bite your nails, it’ll make your fingertips to dry out, which will result to hangnails. If not prevented, it can be infected by myriads of viruses due to your day-to-day activities. It’s best to wash your hands thoroughly or use a hand sanitizer each and every after contact with dirty surfaces.

  7. Sickness Who?
  8. Most of the time, we always get sick during the colder seasons. But in some cases, nail biters are also more likely to get sick as well in just a blink of an eye. Why? That’s because dirty nails are prone to bacteria that you may touch in different kinds of surfaces. These bacteria can travel into your respiratory tract via your damaged nails.
  9. And it doesn’t end there; damage nails are also prone to various microorganisms that can make you sick or have stomach aches as well, or even worse, hepatitis.

  10. You’ll Get a Lower Risk of Getting Poisoned
  11. This last tip is applicable to ladies that are fond of manicure or any kinds of nail art. If you’re into such, then you must know that nail-biting is not an option. Keep in mind that nail polish contains all sorts of chemicals that may be harmful to your body.
  12. Once it finds its way into the body (because you have damaged nails due to nail-biting of course), it can lead to severe life-threatening poisoning. Even clear gel nail polish contains various ingredients that are also not safe for your body as well, not just the colored ones.

The Health Benefits of Onion Juice

Onions, a vegetable that gives a bit of spice to our dishes can be consumed in a weird kind of way. And this is by juicing the vegetable instead of eating it raw or using it as an ingredient to our dishes. In this article, we are going to tackle the benefits of onion juice and why it’s essential for our bodies.

Onion Juice: The Health Benefits

Want to give your immune system a boost up? Onion juice is definitely for you! Onion juice is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that can protect you from various diseases. It’s also useful in warding off the common cold, as well as shortening the healing time of your wounds.

Additionally, it also improves your mental health as well and keeps fatigue at bay. It also regulates your blood pressure by keeping it at a stable number. Other benefits also include:

  • Prevents shortness of breath
  • Reduces the risk of getting heart-related complications
  • Protects you from any types of cancer
  • Helps cleanse gravel and kidney stones out of the bladder

Onions have anti-germicidal properties that cleanse your body from any kinds of toxins. You will also have a healthy and well-functioning digestive system as well. When it comes to skincare, onion juice is great for treating eczema and any kinds of skin infection that are due to fungi and the like.

It’s A Natural Immune System Booster

Onion juice is known to have antiseptic properties that can cure any kinds of toxic substances residing in your body. Thus, resulting in a healthier immune system overall away from any kinds of disease. It also protects you from influenza, a common health complication that is more prominent during the winter months.

It Makes Your Hair Healthier

Aside from its disease-warding properties, onion juice also improves hair health to prevent hair fall by strengthening the hair follicles. To do this, you need to combine shampoo with onion juice whenever you take a shower. Thoroughly lather your hair and gently massage it to make sure that the juice absorbs into the scalp.

Onion juice is also effective in removing dandruff. Most of the time, our scalp gets extremely itchy because of dandruff. Now you can cast your worries away with the help of onion juice and its anti-dandruff properties. Onions are rich in magnesium, sulfur, and germanium, which are essential nutrients that are good for your hair and scalp.

Skin Benefits of Onion Juice

Suffering from a face full of acne? Say bye-bye to acne with onion juice. What you need to do is mix the onion juice with honey or olive oil and apply it to affected areas on your face. You can also mix turmeric paste with onion juice to treat those brown and black spots. Now you can have a younger glowing face thanks to the powers of onion juice.

Gives Relief to Ear Pain

If ever you’re suffering from severe ear pain, you can treat this by dropping a little amount of onion juice into your ear. The added benefits of onion juice also help with treating ear infections. You can create your own onion juice ear drop by boiling onion in hot water for a few minutes. Once done, put it inside a container that comes with a dropper.

It Eases Respiratory Problems

Various research has been conducted on onion juice, and it shows that it can help resolve respiratory problems. It also promotes mucous production as well as relieving severe cough that may lead to bronchi-related complications. It’s also known to help prevent sudden asthma attacks as well. For best results, drink a honey and onion juice mix before you head to bed.

Helps Relieve Stomach Problems

Thanks to onions anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps relieve any stomach pain such as chronic constipation, improper digestion, as well as extreme gas problems. Children are the favorite victims of stomach worms. This can be aided by letting your child drink onion juice just in case he/she isn’t dewormed yet.

Effective Onion Trick That Gives Health Benefits

Onions, a vegetable that emits a stingy smell that can bawl our eyes out, has plenty of benefits for our health and well being. Aside from using it as a dish spice, did you know that you can also use onions in other purposes as well? Such purpose is putting it on your foot before slumber. As weird as it sounds, here are a few of its benefits you should know.

  1. Helps Relieve Cold
  2. If ever you happen to catch a cold, putting an onion on your foot before bedtime helps alleviate the common cold. This is because onions are rich in antioxidants and other medical properties, making you feel better in a jiffy.
  3. Aside from that, onions also help absorb unpleasant smells in the air. Putting it in your sock and wearing it before bedtime helps absorb foot odor, so you wake up in the morning with a fresh pair of feet. Additionally, it also wards off bacteria to keep any kinds of illness begone. Remember, always use organically-grown onions instead of chemically processed ones.

  4. It Helps Ward Off Bacteria
  5. Your foot contains around 7,000 nerves that connect to your entire body. And having an onion in your sock while you sleep helps flush off toxins and different kinds of bacteria out of it.
  6. Our foot has thin skin; that’s why it is prone to myriads of germs and bacteria. But with the help of onions, good bacteria can easily enter in and be absorbed in your blood that helps fight off the bad ones. It’s a great alternative to cleanse your blood while you get your much-needed slumber.

  7. Getting the Best Out of It
  8. Whenever you try to do this onion trick, make sure to use fresh and organically-grown onions. Avoid using ones that are bombarded with chemicals as it may bring more harm than good to your body.

This simple onion hack has been clinically approved by various Doctor’s in the U.S. In fact, using onions as a medicine dated back in the early centuries in China and found its way to today’s time. To do this onion trick, simply cut an onion in half and place it inside your sock while making sure that it rests against your heel before you travel your way to dreamland.

Taking Charge of Your Health Care – And Why It Matters

Have you ever wondered whether those extra servings of desserts and a lack of fruits and vegetables in your diet really does make a difference? Mind you. They can have a substantial impact on your health. The point is, taking control of your health is crucial to achieving the best quality of life possible. Check out chiropractor Hamilton.

6 Ways to Take Charge of Your Health and Well-Being

Taking responsibility for your health is one of the best investments there is to a life lived well. Below are six ways you can start taking charge of your health and wellness:

  1. Know Your Family’s Health History

Your family’s health history is an essential factor for your personal health record. Many diseases run in the genes, and while you cannot change your genetic make-up, knowing your family health history can help reduce your risks of getting these diseases yourself.

Make a list of your major medical history and your family’s history. Keep it in a file and bring this information with you when you set up appointments with a new doctor. This way, you won’t have to spend more time trying to remember your family’s history when asked by your doctor.

  • See a Doctor Regularly for Check-Ups

Some individuals only take the time to see their doctor only when they are sick or ill. Regular check-ups are an essential part of preventative maintenance in that it helps prevent and detect medical problems early on.

  • Understand Your Own Health Indicators

Your blood pressure, heart rate, pulse rate, breathing rate, and body temperature are essential vital signs which can be instrumental in detecting and monitoring medical problems.

Likewise, during medical exams and laboratory tests, don’t be afraid to ask questions, including how to interpret your results. Knowing the normal and critical ranges allows you to take charge and be proactive in understanding and monitoring your health.

  • Keep Track of Your Important Health Information

You should have your own personal health record readily accessible in one place, and should at least include the following:

  • Your name, date of birth, and blood type
  • Emergency contacts
  • Contact numbers and addresses of your healthcare providers
  • Medications you take
  • Existing health condition, such as allergies
  • Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

Your lifestyle choices can either make or break your physical and mental health. Taking charge of your health means opting for a clean and healthy lifestyle. Eat a well-balanced diet and engage in physical activities. Cut back on sugar, saturated fats, and salt from your diet. Make it a point to get enough zZZ’s daily. By embracing these healthy habits, you’ll reap the benefits of a fit and active body, stronger immune system, avoid the onset of chronic diseases, and live a longer life.

  • Learn When and How to Say No

Your emotional and mental health is as important as your physical wellness. Learning to say no is equivalent to being true to yourself. This will save you from dealing with stress, exhaustion, and frustration, which can take a toll on both your mental and emotional health.

The Importance of Taking Charge of Your Own Health Care

Being proactive with your own health care has a significant impact on your overall well-being. Taking control of your health can mean the difference between prevention and treatment. And, the sooner you start taking charge of your health, the better.